Our Services

We have been operating for over 20 years and maintain a skilled and professional staff working across a range of natural environments in the Sydney region.

Environmental Training

Environmental management is a new and exciting field requiring new skills for a range of organisations and individuals.


Our training arm has worked with Government Agencies to develop environmental training resources, and supports a number of Sydney councils with training and supervisory services for community bushcare volunteers.


Training materials we already have available are:


  • General Environmental Awareness
  • Environmental Legislation in the workplace
  • Bushcare Volunteer training – Introductory through to Advanced
  • Accredited training in Conservation and Land Management – Certificate II level
  • Accredited SMARTtrain Chemical User Certificates – level 2 and 3


Specific training can be developed to meet your needs and can often be done cheaply by adapting existing materials for your circumstance.


Our chief training officer has 10 years at TAFE with 6 of those years as a head teacher. We have two other staff qualified to Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment level.


Grant funded training materials that we have developed will be available on this web site in the near future.


The community is an invaluable resource in managing natural areas. Hills Bushcare offer training and supervisory services for community bushcare volunteers working in natural areas.


We have developed a range of training materials to help improve the skills of community volunteers and help them to get better bush regeneration outcomes on the ground. The materials that have been developed under grant funding are free and will be available on this web site in the near future.


Our services delivering the training on the ground can be arranged. Contact us at hillsbush@bigpond.com to discuss your training possibilities.


Hills Bushcare are able to deliver accredited Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management training programs.


Our training is flexible and responsive to your needs and can be tailored to suit the work environments of your staff.


For other short course environmental training, we have already prepared General Environmental Awareness and General Environmental Legislation courses. For organisations working in environmentally sensitive areas, we can deliver the Biodiversity Awareness Training which we developed in partnership with the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority. A copy can be provided at no cost.


The challenges of environmental compliance in the workplace are daunting for many staff. If your organisation has environmental compliance requirements, or even if you just want to have a more aware pool of staff on an issue critical to our future economy and society, we can develop tailored training to help your staff.
Our training is fun, interactive, and informative while meeting the needs of our clients.

Bushfire Hazard Reduction

Bushfires are an integral part of Australia’s Bushland Environments.


We have extensive experience in constructing environmentally friendly fire breaks (known as Asset Protection Zones), that can maintain natural vegetation and habitat while reducing bushfire risk.


We are happy to provide a free site assessment on vegetation management works required to reduce bushfire hazard within the Sydney Metropolitan Area.


Our hazard reduction services include:


  • On ground fire break establishment
  • Vegetation thinning
  • Weed management
  • Hazard reduction planning
  • Ecological assessments
  • Community education


For information on preparing your home for bushfires, and preparing a bushfire management plan for your household, we encourage you to look at the materials on the NSW Rural Fire Services Website at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

GIS Mapping

Hills Bushcare are licenced operators of the MAPINFO GIS software. We are expanding our range of services in this area and offer a low cost way of collecting and interpreting field information in a digital format.

Consulting Services

Bushland Management is a specialist field requiring skills and experience suitable to the task at hand.


There is a range of complex legislation and science that needs to be interpreted to make sure that you are doing the right thing, not only by the law, but by yourself.


We offer skilled and experienced field staff supported by highly qualified technical staff who can address a range of consulting services from:


  • Bushland regeneration and rehabilitation planning
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Budgeting and programming
  • Community consultation
  • Plan of Management preperation
  • Field survey
  • Site auditing

Environmental Auditing

Large scale land management projects are often complex and multi faceted.  It is often hard for project managers to keep an eye on all aspects of environmental compliance.  We offer a service of skilled and motivated staff to come and visit your project and monitor for compliance with your environmental compliance, before the regulators come out and issue you with a fine!  We will provide you with a detailed report summarising any issues arising and making recommendations on how you can fix them in the most quick and cost effective way.


For a free consultation, contact hillsbush@bigpond.com

Flora and Fauna Surveys

Our skilled staff have a range of qualifications that support their field skills.  Our background in on ground works provides us with an excellent skill set to conduct flora and fauna surveys for plans of management, rehabilitation planning, development assessment, legislative compliance and other purposes.


We have a focus on applied research and will help to structure meaningful surveys that meet budget and other practical constraints.